The building department services for the Township of Coleman are contracted to the Temiskaming Municipal Building Association (TMBA). The TMBA is comprised of twenty one member municipalities in the Temiskaming district. Services include the permitting process, building inspections, and building code enforcement.

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Please contact the Township of Armstrong at (705) 563-2375 to contact the Chief Building Official.

How Do I Get a Permit?

  • Prepare drawings which accurately and to scale describe the construction (Site Plan, Foundation Drawings, Floor Layout, Structural Cross Section, Elevations)
  • Visit your local municipal office and complete a building permit application
  • Pay the permit fee
  • You may commence construction any time after the permit has been issued and the fee has been paid

Click here to download building permit application

Township of Coleman Building Permit Form
Township of Coleman Building Permit Form

Please Note:

  • Additional drawings may be required depending on the specifics of the project
  • Your permit will expire if no construction has been started within 6 months of the issue date.

When Do I Need A Permit?

Building permits must be obtained before you start work on a new construction or demolition project.

Zoning By-law 06-01

Zoning By-Law-Schedule A Map 1

Zoning By-Law-Schedule A Map 2