July 31, 2017

Minutes of a Special Meeting held in the Council Chambers/ Community Hall, 937907 Marsh Bay Road, Coleman Township, on Monday, July 31th, 2017, at 6:00 p.m.

1. Calling the Meeting to Order

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Dan Cleroux at 6:01 p.m.

2. Roll Call


Mayor Dan Cleroux

Councillors Sue Cote, Ken Laffrenier, Cathy Marcella and Lois Perry

Also Present:

Logan Belanger, CAO


Brian Bigelow, Public Works Foreman

Don Laitinen, Fire Chief

Members of the Public Present:


Members of the Press Present:


3. Adoption of the Agenda

Resolution No. 17-07-29

Moved By: Councillor Lois Perry

Seconded By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier

Be it resolved that the agenda for the special meeting of July 31, 2017, be approved as presented.


4. Declaration of Conflict or Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof


5. Accounts

Resolution No. 17-07-30

Moved By: Councillor Cathy Marcella

Seconded By: Councillor Lois Perry

Be it resolved that the general accounts in the amount of $114,772.06 be passed and paid.


6. Staff Update

6.1. Administration – The CAO presented a thank you letter from the Cobalt Silverland Cemetery for the annual donation. The Township received a request from the Fire Department to host a Barbeque at Bass Lake, and Council approved the request. The CAO discussed the end of season fun day for the Bass Lake Swim and Recreation Program; Council agreed to transition from a campout to an evening with activities, such as a campfire, games, barbeque, etc. Mr. Reiner Mielke provided the office with a letter, as a follow-up to his delegation on July 10, 2017. He made a mining lands inquiry to the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, to ask that the Mining Act give consideration to the preservation of Ontario’s Mining Heritage. Mayor Cleroux updated that a meeting has been arranged with Agnico, the Township, and the Cobalt Historical Society to discuss heritage designations for the Nipissing 404 site.

7. By-laws

7.1. Sale of Land – Cobalt Power Group Inc. – Council tabled by-law 17-35

Special Meeting Minutes July 31, 2017


7.2. Septic System Installation – Bass Lake Park

Resolution No. 17-07-31

Moved By: Councillor Lois Perry

Seconded By: Councillor Cathy Marcella

Be it resolved that By-Law No. 17-36 being a by-law to enter into an Agreement with James Lathem Excavating Ltd. to supply all services, equipment, labour, supervision, tools, and materials that are necessary for the installation of two Septic Systems at Bass Lake Park be read a first and second time.


Resolution No. 17-07-32

Moved By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier

Seconded By: Councillor Cathy Marcella

Be it resolved that By-Law No. 17-36 be read a third and final time and be passed and enacted.


8. New Business

8.1. Conferences:

8.1.1. None

8.2. Motions:

8.2.1. Exclusion of Amortization from Budget

Resolution No. 17-07-33

Moved By: Councillor Cathy Marcella

Seconded By: Councillor Susan Cote

Whereas The Township of Coleman is required to follow the accounting standards established by the Public Sector Accounting Board; and

Whereas with the introduction of tangible capital asset accounting in 2009, the new accounting standards do not require budgets to be prepared on the same basis as actual are recorded; and

Whereas the Township of Coleman continues to prepare budgets on a modified accrual basis, an annual budget which is an important exercise, one which plans for current and future activities and acquisitions; and

Whereas a key outcome of the annual budget is a tax rate which Council approves and which is based on annual cash requirements and therefore does not include the PSAB requirements around accrual accounting and accounting for “non-financial assets and liabilities”; and

Whereas The Province of Ontario introduced Ontario Regulation 284/09 (O. Reg. 284/09) that allows municipalities to exclude from its annual budget estimated expenses related to the following: 1) Amortization 2) Post-employment benefits 3) Solid waste landfill closure and post-closure; and

Whereas the regulation requires the municipality report on the impact of these excluded costs and, before adopting a budget for the year that excludes any of the expenses listed above, Council must adopt the report by resolution;

Be it resolved that the Council of The Corporation of the Township of Coleman’s 2017 budget and associated tax levy excludes the following: Amortization expense: $310,162.


8.3. Ministry of Northern Development and Mines – Exploration Permit Applications – Cruz Cobalt Corp. and Tri Origin Exploration Ltd.

Council expressed some concerns over the proposed areas, and will submit a comment through the Environmental Registry that meetings should be held with Council/ the public prior to any work commencing. Special Meeting Minutes July 31, 2017


9. Correspondence

9.1. Cobalt Classic Theatre – Funding Partner

9.2. Communities in Bloom – May 2017

9.3. Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities

9.4. ieso – Annual Report

9.5. Ministry of Government and Consumer Services – Freedom of Information Search Tip Sheet

9.6. Ministry of Finance – The Vacancy Rebate and Reduction Program Update

9.7. Ministry of Municipal Affairs – Second Units Info Sheet – Spring 2017

9.8. Municipal World – August 2017

9.9. Northern Ontario Business – August 2017

9.10. Sylvia Jones, MPP – Bill 141

9.11. The Voice, Vol 14 No. 15

9.12. The Working Forest – Summer #2 2017

Resolution No. 17-06-34

Moved By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier

Seconded By: Councillor Lois Perry

Be it resolved that that correspondence items 9.1 to 19.12 be noted, filed and recorded in the minutes of this meeting.


10. Adjournment

Resolution No. 17-06-35

Moved By: Councillor Ken Laffrenier

Seconded By: Councillor Cathy Marcella

Be it resolved that this meeting do now adjourn at 7:10 p.m.

Carried. Special Meeting Minutes July 31, 2017


General Accounts CAO